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ODEM offers you insight into what employers want, direct connections with educators to help refine your skills, and access to recruiting opportunities that meet your new professional profile. ODEM is unique because it creates a demand-based ecosystem in which educators, students and employers work collaboratively to create exceptional experiences that work with you.

Plus, ODEM makes your professional qualifications understood worldwide and across industries, so you’ll never have to worry about hunting down transcripts and validating continuing education certificates.


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ODEM offers students affordable learning opportunities from top educators with the expertise in skills that today’s employers actively seek. Creating an ODEM account is fast, easy and free!

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ODEM gives you insight into the skills that employers are looking for, giving you total transparency into which qualifications you need to succeed.

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Choose courses from a wide selection of customizable programs delivered by highly-specialized professionals, prestigious academics and industry thought-leaders.

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Upon program completion, ODEM connects you directly to employers that are seeking your expertise, so you can feel the direct impact that your education has on your future.