The way we learn, work, recruit, and train has evolved dramatically, however, the underlying infrastructure has not.

ODEM connects students with educators where students can customize their own education and earn the skills needed to compete in today’s global workforce -- making education and employment more affordable, accessible, verifiable and transferable.

Take control of your future. Verify your credentials and skills now so employers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba can hire the right candidates quickly. Get an exceptional education and get hired with ODEM. 

How it Works

Step 1: Register

Register and complete your personal profile on ODEM’s Global Network.

Step 2: Get Verified - Show employers your proven talent

Verified skills employers are seeking:

  • Academic credentials
  • Professional certifications
  • Demonstrated employment skills 

Step 3: Get Hired

Once registered and academic and work skills have been verified, your profile will be presented to employers.

Here is your path for hiring success:

  • Create your skill profile of current and desired skills and occupational aspirations
  • Apply for jobs based on ODEM recommendations using skill-matching
  • Share your credentials and get skill-matched with employers

COMING SOON: Import your full LinkedIn profile to pre-populate your skills and credentials. Feature your newly verified ODEM credentials on your LinkedIn profile.

Step 4: Learn New Skills - Increase your chances of getting hired

Here’s what you can do:

  • Register and customize your educational and professional needs
  • Connect directly to skill-based training
  • Complete employment and professional certification

Step 5: Start here to earn money towards your education

  • Just like Amazon Kindle and Spotify, ODEM rewards its students for sharing your verified data on the ODEM Trust Network.
  • Every time your verified credentials are viewed by an employer or higher education institution, you’ll receive a royalty to use towards educational programs on the ODEM platform.