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teaching potential

Teach on your terms and earn what you deserve. Inspire curious students worldwide without the middleman. No hassle, just direct connections with lifelong learners.

Make an impact

Sharing your knowledge can be one of the greatest joys that any seasoned professional can experience. However, unfair compensation and unnecessary prerequisites often prevent professionals from participating in the global education economy. ODEM is a marketplace that removes these barriers.

In connecting educators directly with students, ODEM empowers educators to get fairly compensated by delivering on-demand courses to highly-motivated students, making education more affordable for students, and teaching more profitable for you.

Be part of the future of education and unlock your teaching potential today.


How it Works



Choose when, where and how to deliver your courses. Set your own compensation requirements, while also receiving intelligence about current market rates for programs that match your expertise.



Refine educational programs directly with students and their potential employers, so you know you’re always creating curricula that inspire and energize.



Administration is made easy through smart contracts. Receive funds automatically upon course completion, plus receive royalties when your teaching content is used by other educators.

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