The ODEM Trust Network

Today’s education system fails to put its most important figures first. Education is extremely expensive, and students are often left to guess at which skills they actually need to grow professionally. Employers have immediate needs for specific skills that they can’t seem to fill. And, the educators that could help them fill these gaps are among the least paid. The only parties that benefit here are the intermediaries that profit on this broken system.

ODEM takes the middleman out of the equation. We’ve developed a solution that directly connects all three parties to make education and employment more affordable, accessible, verifiable and transferable.


Students and Professionals on ODEM

Choose a path, get educated, grow your career. ODEM offers you insight into what employers want, direct connections with educators to help refine your skills, and access to recruiting opportunities that meet your new professional profile. Whether you’re a prospective undergraduate, a lifelong learner looking to grow your skillset or a professional making a career change, ODEM is everything you need to get access to a lifetime of learning. ODEM is unique because it creates a demand-based ecosystem in which educators, students and employers work collaboratively to create exceptional experiences that work with you.


Educators on ODEM

Teach on your terms and earn what you deserve. Inspire curious students worldwide without the middleman. No hassle, just direct connections with students ready to learn what you teach.

The ODEM Marketplace is a blockchain-powered platform where you can refine your educational programs directly with students and their potential employers, so you always create valuable curricula that energize. From smart contracts to automatic payment, administration is easy and teaching more profitable with ODEM. Join thousands of ODEM Educators from across the world and get fairly compensated with our low fee, student-success driven marketplace, letting you focus on what you do best: inspiring curious students who love to learn.

Employers on ODEM

Keep your team growing at the speed of innovation. Find your next perfect hire by accessing thousands of first-rate candidates from around the world, trained in exactly the skills you require. ODEM makes verifying candidate credentials easy. As part of the authentication process, ODEM automatically presents you with verification of candidates’ previous educators and employers.

ODEM also helps teams to move forward by directly connecting with leading educators to create continuing education that’s custom built for your workforce and saves you from making expensive, unnecessary redundant hires. ODEM Educators include respected academics, working experts and thought-leaders operating at an industry-disrupting level. Whether hiring, on-boarding or training, ODEM has the key to keep your workforce on top.


Educational Organizations on ODEM

Protect your brand and stay on top. ODEM provides educational organizations with a seamless way to grow their applicant pools, facilitate student success and create exceptional educational experiences. In placing student success and employer satisfaction at the heart of our marketplace, ODEM is the only solution that helps you grow your brand and stay competitive.

Safeguard the future of your organization by gaining valuable insight into student success metrics “outside of the classroom.” ODEM also gives organizations full transparency into the skills that employers demand -- empowering you to create truly enriching experiences. And for students, ODEM stores educational credentials in a secure, digital environment, making them immediately accessible and verifiable, allowing them to instantly access records and transcripts.