It’s less than a month until Malta Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, officially opens the Malta Blockchain Summit in Valletta, the country’s capital, on Nov. 1.

On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM) will be represented at this prestigious international gathering of leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency. ODEM’s Chief Integrator, Johanna Maaghul, Chief Technology Mentor, Dr. Adel ElMessiry, Chief Token Officer, Bill Bayrd, and I will be in attendance. Summit organizers say they expect more than 5,000 people.

As the date nears, we’re looking forward to elaborating on how blockchain technology is transforming higher education. Notable speakers at the Summit include software security pioneer, John McAfee, member of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, and founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis.

Malta, which markets itself as “Blockchain Island”, is emerging as an important jurisdiction for the industry. The country is competing head-to-head with Bermuda, Singapore, Switzerland and other financial-services centers to become a global hub for digital currency trading and investment in blockchain technology.

Malta is the smallest economy in the 28-member European Union and has recently made headlines by enacting three pieces of legislation aimed at encouraging cyber investors and leading companies to establish operations in the Mediterranean archipelago.
Malta’s government is taking a leadership role in actively encouraging investment in blockchain-and-crypto services while also bringing structure to remedy some of the industry’s less savory characteristics.

“This sector until now has been unregulated with no peace of mind and serenity for both customers and businesses, with no checks, balances and clear frameworks,” Prime Minister Muscat said in a video statement to promote the Summit and the country’s legislative initiatives.
Malta’s recent administrative framework provides legal certainty in the areas of distributed-ledger technology, cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

“This environment has already attracted to Malta some of the world’s leading companies that operate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem,” said Muscat, who has been Prime Minister since 2013.
Binance, a major digital currency exchange, and TREOS, a new global ecosystem that facilitates transactions with decentralised money, are among companies that have indicated that they are shifting business to Malta in response to the legislative changes.

While ODEM, which is based in Zug, Switzerland, isn’t contemplating a move to Malta, we’re encouraged that the world’s most-attractive investment jurisdictions are aware that they must remain competitive to attract and retain investment.

Stay tuned for more about the ODEM Platform and our upcoming conference appearances.

Rich Maaghul,