Ways Blockchain-Based Records Improve the Hiring Process

3 Ways Blockchain-Based Records Improve the Hiring Process

Hiring can be arduous; it’s challenging to find the right candidate who understands your organization’s mission, has the necessary qualifications, and is the right cultural fit. What happens if you find that right person, but then find out that their credentials were misrepresented? It’s a headache employers shouldn’t have to deal with, and ODEM is working to eliminate diploma fraud with blockchain technology.

Here are three reasons why blockchain-based education records help future employers:

No more falsified credentials

Fake certificates, diplomas, and degrees have become a global problem. Prospective employees can easily obtain an academic credential from a prestigious or non-existent school simply by purchasing one over the internet. Fake records undercut the integrity of the educational system and make your job more time consuming and challenging. ODEM provides an education marketplace where all students are accredited for their course work. On the Platform, students earn certificates that are institutionally-verified and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. ODEM also partners with schools to authenticate student credentials with blockchain-based records. These records are validated and can’t be tampered with; they’re a source of educational truth.

Hire with ease

ODEM removes stress from the hiring process; we’ve taken care of the educational background check. Confirming a candidate’s credentials is a time-consuming but vital part of the hiring process. Blockchain-based records create permanent connections between academic achievement and the credential that’s awarded for the work. Instead of contacting educational institutions to verify that a prospective employee attended the school and completed their program, you can simply view the verified record on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Instilling greater trust in the education system

Education is an essential part of our lives, forming a foundation for our network and career. Supporting advancement, the value of education has been understood for centuries. As an integral part of our society, it’s critical that education be respected and trusted. This is what drew ODEM to blockchain technology; the ability to instill digital trust in a vital, age-old system that has the potential to be compromised by fraud. Education records secured on the blockchain are controlled and owned by the student, instantly verifiable by employers, and can’t be lost or altered. With blockchain technology, trust is no longer a consideration, it’s a guarantee.

At ODEM we’re dedicated to supporting students in their pursuit of higher education and rewarding career. We’re proud that ODEM promotes lifelong learning and continued personal development, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset amongst our students and grads. This is something that our students, together with validated credentials, bring with them to the workplace.

Stay tuned for more ODEM developments.


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