Congratulations on your graduation! You’ve achieved a major life milestone! All of the time and effort you’ve dedicated to education can now be applied to attaining your personal and professional goals.

With a world of possibilities open to you, what’s next? Will you pursue further education or jump into your career right away?

Both choices have their merits. But you may want to consider pursuing your career and further education at the same time.

Pursuing career

Entering the workforce is exciting. Employment gives you personal satisfaction and the recognition of your talents. Putting your education to immediate use is an appealing option for many who want to apply their education and skills toward supporting a company and its growth trajectory.

In the working world, you’ll have the opportunity to assess what type of employment suits you best and which type of company fulfills your needs. With time spent on the job, you’ll begin to develop relationships and a network of people with the potential to support you in your pursuit of success. Your position will teach you about yourself and what you want to get from life.

Furthering education

That said, now is also a good time to continue your education. You’re already in a school mindset. You’ve developed habits around research and studying that will propel you to the next academic milestone.

Embracing lifelong learning can help to clearly define your career path. Additional education prepares you for a specific career, giving you exposure to projects that will develop expertise in a specific field. Further education can also provide greater credibility, adding rocket fuel toward your career goals. It may also protect you from unexpected shifts in the economy caused by technological change.

Why not do both?

At ODEM, we believe that work experience and ongoing education are equally important. We support students who are ready to leap into their careers but are still committed to furthering their education.

In today’s world of free-flowing information, self-education is easier than ever. Higher learning should be tailored to compliment your knowledge, experience, and previous education. Our ODEM Platform provides the tools for personally customizing courses that will best support career advancement now and into the future. As a less-rigid alternative to traditional learning, our on-demand education approach is ready when you are and allows flexibility in enhancing your professional qualifications.

We believe that lifelong learning provides the opportunity to determine what is best for you as you develop your talents. ODEM’s blended approach to learning makes education more effective, pairing face-to-face classroom time with online courses. It also makes education more affordable. You can choose courses that are right for you rather than committing to predetermined programs and costly fees.

Summer school presents an immediate opportunity to take advantage of course options that can develop targeted skills. Specific technical skills are valued by employers because they prepare you for a seamless transition into your job. For example, a niche education can be invaluable in landing the technology job you want, such as understanding digital finance and the supporting technological infrastructure.

The path forward is full of opportunity and we believe that path should be customized to your priorities. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning; what works for you will be different from what fulfills others. Your time, energy, and financial resources should reflect that. All experiences and educational opportunities will support your journey now that you’ve graduated.

At ODEM, we hope to be part of it.

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